“Passion and interest for life” or “how to go to bed and look forward to the next day to come”

I think most of us at some point or another face the condition witch feels like melancholy, stagnation, indifference altogether. We feel like nothing is interesting, our old hobbies and interests seem boring or silly. Sometimes we even get to the point when we don’t want to wake up to this boring reality, we want […]

“Crab effect” or how society prevents us from moving forward

After watching an interesting video on youtube and reading couple articles on the same topic I would like to share with you this interesting law which is called “crab effect” that explains and at the same time doesn’t explain how and why society prevents us from moving forward and achieving success. Here is what’s happening. […]

What to do when you are sad and depressed?

It is always great to be inspired, know your goal, the direction you are moving to. In moments like that youcan’t really understand how it is possible not to want anything, be just all sad and lost. But, unfortunately, in life everything cannot be perfect and sometimes we have to face things, events, people that […]

7 ways to achieve success in your career

Most of us want to be successful, because success is usually associated with wealth, health and happiness. For lots of people it is very important to achieve success in their career and it is not surprising, because it usually means that you are wealthy. Let’s take a close look at 7 ways to achieve success […]

Personality crisis

During the entire life we should keep learning, exploring, seeing new things and solving new tasks – this is our nature, and this is what makes our personality grow and develop. But sometimes, now it happens more and more often, we struggle to catch up with all those changes we are facing in the world. […]

You need to leave your comfort zone

There is a natural desire for all of us to look for better things in life. We want bigger living space, faster car, tastier and healthier food, softer bed and this is absolutely normal. It would even have been weird to avoid those things. There might come a moment in your life when you get […]

How we can destroy our lives

Imagine yourself waking up someday, at some place you don’t like, with somebody you don’t love or alone hating to be alone, having to do things you don’t like doing. Pretty scary, isn’t it? Nobody wants it and in order to prevent it from happening we will take a look at things that cause these […]

10 rules of successful people

Have you heard that in order to be someone you have to do things the someone does? Our thoughts and actions, believes and decisions determine our personality, our life and our success. As well as thoughts and actions, there are rules that successful people choose to st ick to. According to the many world psychologists, […]

5 good habits that will keep you going

To have things done is good, especially this that we needed to be done. Sometimes we might get overwhelmed by stuff or amount of workload in front of us and instead of being productive and succeed we don’t know where to start or start with the wrong thing or just don’t start at all. To […]

How to motivate yourself and have everything done Self-organizational principle

  I will start with some kind if discouraging truth – it is impossible to have time for everything, but it is always possible to have time for the most important. I don’t remember the name of the person who said that but, by looking at my personal experience and experience of other people, I […]